Weekend Storm Creates Urgent Need for Donations

Your support is needed now.

If you’ve been watching the weather in the New England area, or you live in New England, you already know about the powerful storm that came through last Friday. Although the main body of the storm stayed south of us, the winds and low pressure stayed off the coast for a long time with the winds constantly pushing the water toward the coast.

Coupled with the astronomical high tides, this situation created a lot of flooding and damage. Marginal Way, bordering right against the coast, suffered a lot of damage and debris as the below images reveal.

After looking at these images to see the extent of the damages, please help us clean up and repair the damage with a donation here.

The first three images reveal just how powerful the storm surges were during high tide. These images are used courtesy of Rick Barber on his Facebook page. (Link opens in new tab).

The images below from the Ogunquit Police Department gives some idea of the debris that got tossed up along the shoreline, both on the Marginal Way and on other properties abutting the ocean.

Our Executive Director, Jeanne Roche, went out and surveyed the damage and provided these photos. Notice that, along with the debris tossed up on to the walkway, storm erosion has threatened the safety of the walkway and will need to be repaired.