The Marginal Way Webcam is owned and maintained by the Marginal Way Preservation Fund, a non-profit organization established to preserve and enhance the experience of the hundreds of thousands that walk the cherished path annually. The Webcam was established so our loyal supporters of the Marginal Way could experience the beauty of the coastal path from anywhere, at any time. The webcam also provides the ability for users to view the weather and ocean conditions in real time. We are so pleased that people near and far enjoy our webcam – with over 50,000 views each year!

If you enjoy this service and would like to help us to continue to offer this viewing experience, please consider a donation to the Marginal Way Preservation Fund. Your contribution enables us to maintain and improve our cameras which are exposed to the elements 24/7 and at the hands of Mother Nature each day.

Please share your email address with us to visit our Marginal Way cameras!