Plaque Donors and Their Stories of Love

Marginal Way Recognition Plaques Site
Recently, we at the Marginal Way Preservation Fund asked those who have placed their family’s name on the first of 10 recognition plaques to share their thoughts on what the Marginal Way means to them. Below are some of their responses. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Brian and I thought that we would use our plaque to remember both our parents and our sister because one of the things that united them was loving Ogunquit, where they went for about 20 years. What made Ogunquit so special to them and to us are the sea, the rocks, the landscape, the flowers. It’s the kind of place that’s both very active — a place for taking good walks! — as well as a place for reflection. So we thought this place that was so alive would be a wonderful place for us to remember the members of our family who are no longer with us.

 Brian & Linda Abdoo

My wife Joyce and I were introduced to the Marginal Way in 1992.  Our children gave us a weekend away to Ogunquit at the Anchorage Inn, which is located on the Marginal Way, as an anniversary gift.  After that first visit we continued to walk the Marginal Way every year for our anniversary.

My wife passed away on August 11, 2011.  So in memory of Joyce and our wonderful visits there, I made a donation to secure our names on a bronze plaque to be displayed on a granite memorial overlooking the ocean on the Marginal Way.  Now our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can visit the same spot that we enjoyed so much.

 Joel Cote

My sister Diana Bean and I wish to recognize India Woodbury of Perkins Cove for her many years of work on the Marginal Way. She passed on several years ago.  Her son is Peter Woodbury, whose home property abuts mine at the Cove. Peter lives where India lived, formerly. Her father was a fabulous illustrator for the Boston Transcript, covering among other things, the building of the Panama Canal.  India married author David Woodbury, son of artist Charles Woodbury.

– Linda Bean

Ben Hershenson I have walked the Marginal Way hundreds of times and this is but a small way to ensure it remains as pristine and beautiful for future generations as it has been for me all these years.

 Ben Hershenson

Richard & Barbara O’LearyWe have owned our home on the Marginal Way for 26 years. We are always thrilled to see the joyful expressions of fellow walkers on this magical seascape. We are honored to be a part of the Preservation Fund.

 Richard & Barbara O’Leary

John PhinneyThe Shea and Phinney families cherish the natural beauty, peace and tranquility provided by this beautiful stretch of land.

 John Phinney

Walt SchmiedeskampI proposed to my wife, M.J., on Ogunquit Beach in 1963 and our children and grandchildren have returned to the town for many a year. Ogunquit and the Marginal Way are a part of our family and we are happy and proud to support this exceptional project.

 Walt Schmiedeskamp

Erna & Bob PlaceFor three generations, we have walked the Marginal Way and appreciated its beauty. It is part of our family traditions.

 Erna & Bob Place

The Marginal Way is one of the most spectacular settings on the East Coast. It’s a place where my mother and several generations have walked, routinely several times a day. Once you’ve been there, you’ll never want to leave its incredible beauty.

 Steve Greenberg

Our family has been coming to Ogunquit and walking the Marginal Way for generations. We first walked along the Marginal Way on our honeymoon. Our kids walked the Marginal Way during summers in Ogunquit, and now grandchildren walk the path with us. A plaque on the Marginal Way honoring our 40th wedding anniversary commemorates our family’s history with the Marginal Way and Ogunquit.

– Adam & Kristan Schoen
– Jessica & Brian Price

Rebecca & CatherineSoon after my wife and I began dating, we took our first walk together on the Marginal Way, and a visitor took a photograph of us sitting on Bench Number 26. We decided to reserve a legacy plaque as a wedding gift for one another.

– Rebecca Harvey & Catherine Palmer

Lori Soloway and Bernie ToothackerThe Marginal Way and Ogunquit hold a special place in our hearts. My husband and I were married in Ogunquit four years ago. We each fell in love with the area many years ago and when we met, it was a natural place to get married. It’s been four beautiful years and we now spend our anniversary and vacations in Ogunquit. We are proud to help support the Marginal Way. Thanks for this opportunity.

Bernie Toothaker & Lori Soloway

The Marginal Way has been a wonderful part of the memories that our family shares. My dads mom was a Littlefield, and the Ogunquit/CapeNeddick area has been forever important in our lives. When our dad (Stu) worked for the Ogunquit Highway Dept., he took Great Pride in taking Care of the Marginal Way!  Thank you.

                                                                           – The Stu & Joan MacNeill Family

Our Mom was born in 1919. Her uncle had a cottage at Moody Beach. In her youth, she spent many weeks enjoying the Ogunquit area. When she married Dad, who was from Vermont, she asked if she could go to visit the area every year. He said yes and they brought their family there (children and grandchildren) every year except one until Dad passed away in 2010, and Mom two years later. We are grateful for memories of annual late summer walks on the Marginal Way.

                                                                           – Kristina Martinez

Anita-Tieman-&-Gail-Robertson-weddingWe always sat at bench 36. I must have hundreds of pictures from Wilma’s bench. Gail and I were married on September 19, 2011 in Lynn, Massachusetts, after 22 years of being together. She died less than a year later. Even though she was quite ill at the time, it was a wonderful day.

                                                                           Anita Tieman [for Gail Robertson]