Marginal Way Preservation Fund Begins Ten-Year Anniversary and Honors Retiring Leaders; Announces New Leadership

The Marginal Way Preservation Fund, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is proud to celebrate and honor the dedicated ten-year tenure of President and Chair of the Board, Paul Breen, and the talented, retiring Executive Director, Jeanne Roche, for their loyal and impactful service.  The Board also announced new Board leadership and a new Executive Director to begin on September 14th.

Paul Breen, President Emeritus

At its recent Board meeting, Paul was named President Emeritus of the Board and was honored at a reception at the home of Barbara and Richard O’Leary.  Paul has been President and Chair of the Marginal Way Preservation Fund since its inception ten years ago.  He is responsible for leading the Board and growing the foundation from an endowment of $20,000 to over 1 million dollars.  He gives credit to the Town, the Fund’s Executive Directors, and, especially, to those early major donors who supported the Fund with their generous early contributions to kick off the Fund as well as the many patrons of the Marginal Way who have given generously in the annual and special appeals over the years.  Paul is particularly proud of the initiation of the $10,000 Plaque Program in the initial days of the Fund’s creation as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This initiative has been very successful and honors individuals who love the Marginal Way.  Paul was instrumental in the design and selection of the site of the Plaques on the Marginal Way and the Plaque Program continues to be a substantial source for the endowment’s growth to preserve the Marginal Way for generations to come.  Paul has worked tirelessly to bring on talented Board members, coordinated all Board meetings, and supervised the Executive Directors since the Fund’s inception.  He has also worked closely with Town organizations and committees to ensure that the Fund has become one of the most critical assets of Ogunquit especially when unexpected damage from storms or erosion threatens the Marginal Way.  His leadership will long be remembered for helping to preserve a national and regional treasure to the more than 400,000 visitors who walk the Marginal Way annually.

Jeanne Roche, Retiring Executive Director

For the last five years, Jeanne Roche has successfully directed the Marginal Way Preservation Fund operations and fundraising as Executive Director. She has singlehandedly managed the day to day functions of the Fund, worked closely with the President of the Board and all Board members, organized many successful fundraising events, and been the key contact for the Town and businesses in Ogunquit and the region.  She has helped hundreds of donors realize their dream for a memorial contribution, a major sponsorship, or the purchase of one of the $10,000 Plaques.  She has overseen the Annual Appeal program and grown the number of annual donors to the fund year after year.  She has sold more than 65 Plaques during her five years as Executive Director bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars during her tenure.  She remembers each of her donors and is grateful to them for their love of the Marginal Way and for becoming friends over the years.  She is known in Ogunquit not only for her five years as the Executive Director of the Fund but also  for her previous position as the Ogunquit Parks and Recreation Director who oversaw the sale of the benches along the Marginal Way.  She has brought joy to many who, like her, have enjoyed the beauty of the Marginal Way.  Her outgoing and kind personality has made her a much-loved member of the Ogunquit Community.  A party honoring Jeanne will be held in October after her last Board meeting.

Allison Ramsey, incoming Executive Director

Allison Ramsey is the newly elected and appointed Executive Director.  Allison graduated from Manhattan College’s School of Business with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management, Marketing, and Psychology.  She has over a decade of experience in Corporate Human Resources and Project Management for a Fortune 500 Company where she played a key role in integrating new revenue-generating and innovative business lines into the organization.  Allison also carries a pure passion for the unique treasure that is the Marginal Way and is thrilled to share the MWPF’s mission in an effort to ensure the path continues to be a special place for all to enjoy for many years to come.  Allison resides locally in Ogunquit with her husband and their two rescue dogs.





John Phinney, Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the Executive Board
Image of Dr. Carol Leary President and Chair of the Executive Board
Dr. Carol Leary, President and Chair of the Executive Board

Paul will be succeeded as President and Chair of the Board by Dr. Carol Leary, recently retired president of Bay Path University and a 40-year homeowner in Ogunquit and John Phinney, as Vice President and Treasurer.  John also chairs the Investment Committee of the Board. Read more about Dr. Carol Leary and John Phinney.

During the coming year, the Marginal Way Preservation Fund will be celebrating its Ten-Year Anniversary by sharing  its history and accomplishments as well as highlighting those donors and key supporters who have insured the Marginal Way is preserved in perpetuity; holding events; sponsoring an art competition and gala, culminating in June, 2021 (fmi:; promoting the $10,000 Plaque Program; encouraging annual and major donations; and raising the visibility of the Marginal Way Preservation Fund as a 501(c)(3) charity to ensure that the Marginal Way will continue to be one of the most beloved ocean walkways in America.  For more information on the Fund, please see our website at