Marginal Way 9th Annual Pod Picking Day

⁣The Marginal Way could greatly benefit from the time and help of volunteers on August 14th for the 9th Annual Pod Picking. Volunteers are needed to help pick seed pods of Black Swallowwort, an an invasive vine that threatens the natural habitat of our beautiful⁣ Marginal Way.

To Help: Simply show up at the Lighthouse at the bottom of Israel Head Road⁣ between 8 – 11 AM armed with work gloves and a willingness to help. You will be assigned to work with a team, and an experienced team leader will show you how to identify swallowwort. It is simple to harvest the vines and pods and makes a huge difference in stopping the spread of⁣ this insidious vine. Wind disperses the seeds, so it is critical to collect the seed pods before they open in early September!⁣ For more information, email

June 2021

Fine Art Competition and Gala 2021
The Marginal Way Preservation Fund is excited to launch our unique fundraiser, a Fine Art Competition and Gala of juried artwork inspired by love for the ocean. The Gala will be generously hosted at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art on Sunday, June 27, 2021


Webinar: Identifying Invasive Plants
This virtual event will help participants to recognize and identify some of the most insidious and ubiquitous invasive plants that we find on the Marginal Way.


Webinar: Shrubs for a Coastal Habitat
This class will showcase the best woody shrubs for coastal habitats, whether on the Marginal Way or in your own backyard. You will learn how to select plants that offer both beauty and benefit to wildlife and pollinators.