You can memorialize yours or a loved one’s cherished memories of the Marginal Way by purchasing a space on our dedication plaque site at Serenity Point, overlooking the beautiful Atlantic for $10,000. A minimum non-refundable deposit of $2,500 reserves your space on a plaque with the balance due within two years. Plaque donations are fully tax-deductible and go directly into the endowment fund set-up to fund preservation work needed to protect the Marginal Way from current and future storm damage and erosion.

A total of ten bronze plaques are located at Serenity Point, a special site along the Marginal Way, with each plaque recognizing 25 people and/or families. The format for each line is roughly a maximum of 38 characters including spaces. Each inscription on the temporary plaque strip will be in capital letters while the final plaque will continue to be done in “Proper Case” (lower case with capitalized first letters where appropriate).

While the current plaque is being filled, a temporary plaque has been installed so the donor’s inscription can be viewed without waiting for the completion of the plaque. Each inscription will be on a bronze strip, which will be attached to the Temporary plaque. Once the plaque is filled, it will be replaced with a permanent bronze plaque and the bronze strips will be given to the donor. We are currently filling Plaque Nine.

The Marginal Way Preservation Fund’s Board of Directors dedicated Plaque Six in September of 2023 by joining with the families and friends of those honored to share stories and celebrate their memories. Plaques Nine and Ten currently have inscription space available to be filled with your help.


Read about the Naming of Serenity Point and our Plaque Four Dedication

Purchase a plaque (min. $2,500 deposit)/make a payment on your plaque pledge

Email us for more information

Status of Plaques

  • Five family plaques (125 recognition listings) are to the left of this “friends” plaque, and five are to the right.
  • A charitable donation of $10,000 will reserve a line.
  • Each line has 33 spaces that can be inscribed with the name of someone you wish to recognize for posterity.
  • Currently, for Plaque Seven, a temporary plaque has been installed. This plaque has the same footprint and overall design as the final plaque.
  • Once we have received your non-refundable deposit of $2,500 and provided the text for the inscription we will install your temporary plaque. Once all 25 spaces are filled, the final plaque, similar to the others, will be cast and installed.
  • Once the final casting has been created and installed, we will hold a plaque dedication ceremony, during which you will receive your temporary plaque.

About the Stones

The locally-quarried granite stones were crafted by Kevin Garfield of Wells, Maine. The bronze recognition plaques are manufactured by Steven Roy Monument Company of Rochester, New Hampshire, and the viewing area was designed by architect Hiroko Lindsey of Lindsey Architects ( 

Map of Marginal Way

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