A Message from the Executive Board President

A Message to  Donors of the Marginal Way Preservation Fund regarding the Fund’s contribution to the Emergency Appeal for repairs to the Marginal Way

At the 4/6/2018 quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Marginal Way Preservation Fund, the Board of Directors voted to award a grant of $40,000 to the Town of Ogunquit for use in repairing the damage to the Marginal Way from the March storms.
This grant was awarded in compliance with the Board rule for distributing Marginal Way grants to the Town, namely that the rule limits the size of the grant to 4% of the Endowment value.
We are currently actively involved in a fund raising campaign to raise additional funds for these repairs. We thank everyone for their generous support and encouragement as we work towards the goal of keeping the Marginal Way pristine and safe for the  hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.
On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Paul Breen
Marginal Way Preservation Fund
PO Box 1455
Ogunquit, ME.  03907