The same natural forces that make the Marginal Way unique and breathtaking have also caused serious damage. Destruction by repeated storms has cost millions of dollars to repair. The town of Ogunquit has maintained the Marginal Way with assistance from federal funds. However, the Army Corp of Engineers will no longer provide funding for maintenance. As a result, the burden for upkeep falls on the town of Ogunquit.

In order to keep the Marginal Way safe and accessible to its many followers, we are relying on donors like you for support.

Net donations, after operations expenses, apply directly to the Marginal Way Preservation Fund to safeguard the future of this unique footpath.

Ogunquit, Maine and the Marginal Way

A Partnership That Works

Ogunquit, by virtue of its Town Charter, is obligated to maintain the Marginal Way. It is assisted in this effort by the Ogunquit Marginal Way Committee and the Marginal Way Preservation Fund, Inc. (MWPF).

The Marginal Way Committee is responsible for identifying projects that enhance the aesthetics and safety of the Marginal Way and reporting its recommendations directly to the Select Board.

The MWPF, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has established a permanent endowment fund to aid the town with grants to help defray the costs associated with major renovation projects to maintain and preserve the Marginal Way.