To our fellow admirers of the beautiful Marginal Way: 

The Marginal Way is open with specific guidelines for Covid-19 safety which have been posted at the entry points of the Marginal Way.

Masks will be required, as many sections of the path are much too narrow to allow the protocol of 6 feet of social distancing per CDC and Maine CDC recommendations.

In addition to mask-wearing, state-mandated social distancing guidelines should also be adhered to wherever they reasonably can be on areas of the Marginal Way.

Currently, anyone visiting Ogunquit from out of state must comply with Gov. Janet Mills’ executive order that requires:

  • they self-quarantine for 14 days -or-
  • they are tested within 72 hours prior to coming to Maine for Covid-19 and have negative results (i.e. test as not being infected by Covid-19)
  • Residents of  New Hampshire and Vermont are now exempt from the above requirements. (NOTE: The exemption for Connecticut, New York and New Jersey ended effective Nov. 4, 2020. Effective Monday, November 16, 2020, Massachusetts is no longer exempt from Maine’s quarantine or negative test requirement. )

Everyone is being asked to please adhere to the local guidelines for the health and safety of everyone – and so we can keep the Marginal Way open moving forward.

The State of Maine has created a “Keep Maine Healthy” web page with answers to all your questions about current quarantine and exemption rules.

We hope that everyone follows the guidelines recommended by the CDC to protect themselves and others during this time. We are hopeful that taking every precaution today will bring us closer to enjoying our Beautiful Place by the Sea together again soon.

For those not able to visit the Marginal Way, let us use this as an opportunity to share the beautiful moments we’ve captured along this coastal treasure with our many facebook and instagram followers. Please submit your photos and stories to our inbox and we will share photo submissions weekly. 

Also, don’t forget the webcam service that is made possible thanks to your contributions to the Marginal Way Preservation Fund. While you may be unable to walk the Way and the beaches at this time, you can sign up to access the stunning views from the Marginal Way from anywhere, anytime:

Thank you for your support and cooperation and we very much look forward to seeing everyone enjoying the Marginal Way again. 

[updated November 13, 2020]

How long is the Marginal Way?

The Marginal Way is approximately 1-¼ miles (just over 2 km) long from the entrance on Shore Road between the Spar Hawk and the Anchorage to Perkins Cove, with 39 benches for unobstructed viewing.

Can I walk on the Marginal Way all year long?

Yes, however, we don’t maintain it in the winter and there are frequently icy patches from the run-off water, as well as snow.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed from October 1 until April 1. We have a great dog-park off of Berwick Road with trails, shade and water for the dogs.

May I ride my bike along the Marginal Way?

No; because of the heavy foot traffic along this popular site, bike riding is prohibited.

Can I purchase a bench on the Marginal Way with my family name on it?

The town of Ogunquit ended their bench program over 15 years ago.  The plaque program, on the granite monuments, is the only program in town to memorialize a loved one.  We are two spaces away from finishing plaque 3, with the possibility of 7 more plaques being filled with names.  Please contact Allison Ramsey about the plaque program at (207) 641-2200.

Can I distribute ashes off of the Marginal Way?

There is no “scattering ashes police” in any state to ensure proper etiquette, permits, or permission are obtained and used.  We recommend that you utilize one of the many boat services in Perkins Cove to accommodate your request. They are all very familiar with this request.

Can strollers and wheelchairs be accommodated on the Marginal Way?

Yes, the path is roughly five feet wide in most areas.  A wheelchair is available for use at the Ogunquit Fire Department.  Simply leave your driver’s license with them while utilizing the special wheelchair.  Your license will be returned when you bring the wheelchair back.

Can weddings be performed on the Marginal Way or can other celebrations be held out there?

Yes, weddings are performed out there all the time. Contact the Town Clerk to fill out the proper forms to get married in town.  We do ask that you not have a large celebration going on out there on a busy summer weekend, and that you adhere to the same ordinances that govern the Beach (no liquor, no smoking, etc.)

Where can I park to walk on the Marginal Way?

You can pay to park in season, either in Perkins Cove or at Obed’s Lane Lot, behind the Dunaway Center and Ogunquit Fire Station.

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